June 9, 2023


An updated version of the HOLOEYE SLM Pattern Generator software is availalbe now. Updates are available for Windows 10 and above trough our download website at https://customers.holoeye.com. Besides some minor bug fixes the following improvements were made in version 5.2.1:

New Features

  • Support for latest HOLOEYE SLM devices(e.g. ERIS SLM).
  • In CGH batch computation dialog, there is now a button to directly play the computation result in HOLOEYE SLM SDK Slideshow Player. The latest Slideshow Player must be installed on the same PC in order to make this work.


  • Examples are now installed into public user documents folder, instead of program files folder. The copying at program startup into current user documents has been removed.
  • Pre-installed example images have been improved to only save the CGH tile instead of providing images for different SLM resolutions.
  • CGH batch computation dialog now generates the tile only inside the generated CGH image files. Please make sure to address them in tiled mode (is automatically done by default).
  • Autodetection of CGH image files when opening pre-computed CGH tiles, which need the tiling option to be enabled.

Bug fixes

  • GAEA-2 SLMs was not detected under Windows 11. Fixed in this version.
  • Fixed behavior of “Test selected file on SLM” button in CGH batch computation dialog to behave like described in documentation.
  • Fixed binary sliders did not always create the correct gray level on the SLM screen like expected (254 instead of 255).
  • Fixed initial values of binary gray level sliders.
  • Invert gray values button is now always usable.
  • Fixed a tiling issue with cloned tabs containing a single CGH computation result.
  • Fixed a crash when opening image files with unusual widths, like 4010 pixel.

To download the latest version of the Pattern Generator software, please log in at our download website:

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