Amplitude SLMs

The HEO 7020-1 6001 is a lab quality amplitude Spatial Light Modulator. The devices have a comparable design to our phase SLM devices and can conveniently integrated in laboratory setups.

HES 7020-1 6001 – Amplitude SLM Microdisplay Features

Display Type

Reflective LCOS (Phase Only)


VAN normally black, nematic


1920 x 1080

Pixel Pitch

8.0 µm

Fill Factor

93 %

Active Area

15.36 mm x 8.64 mm (0.7″ Diagonal)


8 Bit (256 Grey Levels)

Signal Formats

HDMI – HDTV Resolution

Input Frame Rate

60 Hz

The SLM device uses an HDMI interface for addressing images, an USB connection for advanced calibrations, and a trigger sync output to synchronize the device with external devices.

The HEO 7020-1 6001 driver also features a dual-core ARM® Cortex™-A9 processor. This enables the user to program additional functionality which is directly processed on the driver unit (e.g. a slideshow from images which are loaded from USB flash (via OTG USB slot) or from internal memory). The dual-core system runs an embedded Linux™ SMP operating system and includes a library which provides full control and supervision of the display and driver itself.

The driver unit provides access through Serial and Ethernet-over-USB2 (RNDIS) interfaces and can be programmed using standard Ubuntu™ cross compile GCC toolchain.


HOLOEYE currently provides two versions of the HES 7020-1 6001 amplitude Spatial Light Modulator.  One SLM version is optimized for the visible range and one version for the near IR range up to 1100 nm.

Amplitude SLM 6001 Wavelength Range


Wavelength Range




* Contrast is strongly dependent on the optical system and the quality of the used polarizer components

HES 7020-1 6001 Amplitude Spatial Light Modulator Kit – Contents:

Papers & References

HOLOEYE’s Spatial Light Modulators are used in research in various fields of applications. In our publication library you find an extensive selection of links to publications and research papers.

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HES / HEO 6001 PLUTO / PLUTO-2 Spatial Light Modulators
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HES / HEO 6001 Spatial Light Modulators
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HES / HEO 6001 Spatial Light Modulators
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Applications: Beam Shaping / Beam Steering,Pulse Application / -Shaping