LETO-3 Phase Only Spatial Light Modulator

LETO-3 Phase Only Spatial Light Modulator

The LETO-3 Phase Only Spatial Light Modulator is our fast SLM platform with high band width. The SLM is capable of color sequential phase operation.

LETO-3 LCOS Spatial Light Modulator

LETO-3 Spatial Light Modulator – Microdisplay Features

Display Type

Reflective LCOS (Phase Only)


1920 x 1080

Pixel Pitch

6.4 µm

Fill Factor

93 %

Active Area

12.29 x 6.91 mm (0.55″ Diagonal)


8 Bit (256 Grey Levels)

Signal Formats

HDMI – HDTV Resolution

Input Frame Rate

60 Hz / 180 Hz

The LETO-3 phase only Spatial Light Modulator is based on a reflective LCOS microdisplay with full HD (1920 x 1080 pixel ) resolution. With a pixel pitch of 6.4 µm and a small interpixel gap of 0.2 µm the LETO-3 SLM provides a high fill factor of 93%.

The LETO-3 Spatial Light Modulator offers a reflectivity between 62% up to 75% (dependent on wavelength and version). The device offers diffraction efficiencies of more than 80% (16 level blazed grating) which leads to a total light efficiency of ~ 60%.

The LETO-3 SLM driver is prepared to work in color-field-sequential (CFS) mode e.g. with color-switchable LASER or LED lighting and the device features an LED-connector which can be used to synchronize the light source with the device. The driver features 4 slots with preconfigured CFS configurations for different environments which can be slected using the Configuration Manager Software.


HOLOEYE offers three different LETO-3 Spatial Light Modulator versions which are optimized for the use at different wavelength ranges / for different applications. One SLM version is optimized for the visible range, one version for the near IR range up to 1100 nm and a third version is optimized for fast response (180 Hz) and use for color-field-sequential (CFS) operation in the visible range with color-switchable RGB Laser.

LETO-3 Spatial Light Modulator Wavelength Ranges

LETO-3 Spatial Light Modulator Kit – Contents:

LETO-3 SLM – Scope of Supply

LETO LCOS Spatial Light Modulator Deliverables

Software Features

The LETO phase only modulator devices can simply be addressed like an external monitor using the standard HDMI interface of the graphics card. No additional software or dedicated hardware is needed to operate the SLM.

The LCOS SLM device is delivered with a GUI (Graphical User Interface) based Configuration Manger software. The Configuration Manager can be used to change geometrical settings, brightness, contrast and the electrooptical response by applying a new gamma curve or another digital drive scheme. An USB interface is used for these advanced callibrations.

LETO-3 LCOS SLM configuration manager

In addition a HOLOEYE SLM Pattern Generator Software is provided with the SLM:

Besides that a special SLM Slideshow Player Software comes with the device. Also an SLM Display SDK is available for download which provides APIs (Application Programming Interface) for different programming languages to show images and data/ phase arrays directly on a HOLOEYE Spatial Light Modulator:

Papers & References

HOLOEYE’s Spatial Light Modulators are used in research in various fields of applications. In our publication library you find an extensive selection of links to publications and research papers.

LETO / LETO-3 Spatial Light Modulators
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LETO / LETO-3 Spatial Light Modulators
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Photonic Spatial-Euler Ising Machine for Solving 20000-vertex Max-cut Problem

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LETO / LETO-3 Spatial Light Modulators
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Color optimization of a full-color holographic stereogram printing system using a single SLM based on iterative exposure control

Applications: Digital-/ Computer Holography/ CGH,Materials Processing / Optical Fabrication,Misc.: Speckle / Characterization / Metrology
LETO / LETO-3 Spatial Light Modulators
Authors:Ackermann, Lisa; Roider, Clemens; Gehring, Matthias; Cvecek, Kristian; Schmidt, Michael

High-speed speckle averaging for phase-only beam shaping in laser materials processing

Applications: Beam Shaping / Beam Steering,Materials Processing / Optical Fabrication
LETO / LETO-3 Spatial Light Modulators
Authors:Jonghyun Kim, Manu Gopakumar, Suyeon Choi, Yifan Peng, Ward Lopes and Gordon Wetzstein

Holographic Glasses for Virtual Reality

Applications: AR/VR/MR / Holographic Display,Digital-/ Computer Holography/ CGH
LETO / LETO-3 Spatial Light Modulators
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Accommodative holography: improving accommodation response for perceptually realistic holographic displays

Applications: AR/VR/MR / Holographic Display,Digital-/ Computer Holography/ CGH


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