HED 2220 Color LCOS

HED 2220 Color LCOS

HED-2220 LCOS Microdisplay – 0.39″ Color Field Sequential

Display Type

Reflective LCOS


1920 x 1080 (full HD)

Display Mode

TN, Normally White

Device Diagonal


Active Area

8.64 mm x 4.86 mm

Aperture Ratio / Fill Factor


Pixel Pitch

4.5 μm

Dynamic Range

8 Bit per color (using Dithering)

Input Frame Rate

60 Hz

Color Field Rate

360 Hz -six color fields (RGBRGB)

Operating Temperature

+10°C to +70°C

Contrast Ratio



65 % (typ.)

Lifetime (RPTV Application)

20,000 hours

Recommended Waveband

460 nm – 700 nm

*Contrast is strongly dependent on the optical system and the quality of the used polarizer components

HEO 2220 Developer Kit

The HEO 2220 kit is used to control an LCOS (Liquid Crystal-on-Silicon) active matrix reflective mode LCD with 1920 X 1080 pixel resolution and a 0.39” diagonal.

The color field sequential microdisplay is fast enough to handle all three primary colors, in order to deliver full color video images. The microdisplay supports six color fields (RGBRGB) at 60 Hz input video frame rate.

The driver ASIC is embedded in the LCoS microdisplay itself. This saves board space and makes integration more convenient. The display can accept video data input via a 4-lane MIPI DSI.

LCOS Microdisplay Developer Kit HEO 2220

The content is addressed via a standard DisplayPort signal e.g. by a PC’s graphics card. Basically, the LCOS display works like an extended monitor. Hence this plug and play kit guaranties a quick start-up and easy usage.

The kit is highly programmable and communicates via an USB port. This communication port connects a PC to the driver chip allowing various configurations e.g. RGBRGB -mode, dithering modes for reduced bandwidth, gamma correction etc.

HEO 2220 Developer Kit – Contents:

HEO 2220 Developer Kit – Scope of Supply

HEO 2220 Developer Kit – Driver Board


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