New Version 3.2 Of SLM Display SDK
May 9, 2023

New Version 3.2 Of SLM Display SDK

The updated versions 3.2 of the HOLOEYE Spatial Light Modulator Display SDK for C/C++, Python, Octave, Matlab and LabVIEW are now available. Updates are available for Windows 10 and above trough our download website at

V3.2 New Features

  • Added support for latest HOLOEYE SLM products.
  • Added API functions: heds_time_now(), heds_time_duration_ms() and heds_time_wait_ms() to improve the timing of the simple slideshow examples slideshow_data_show.cpp and slideshow_image_files_show.cpp.

V3.1 New Features

  • Added a new API function to load Zernike parameters from a Zernike parameter file saved by HOLOEYE SLM Pattern Generator.
  • Made show and load functions for RGB/RGBA data available in ANSI C API, so that color images don’t need to be loaded from file anymore.
  • Added an example to compute airy beam phase functions.

Bug Fixes V3.2

  • Fixed GAEA-2 device detection under Windows 11.
  • Fixed the timing behavior of the function heds_show_datahandle() and all other built-in show functions.
  • Renamed and exchanged the meaning of the value visibleFrameTimeMs in heds_datahandle to heds_datahandle::visibleDurationTimeMs. The duration in frames time measurement information is more useful, because it measures the time requested through the property heds_datahandle::durationInFrames, even if no new data is shown afterwards.
  • Added new Datahandle Workflow graph into this documentation for better explanation the new timing behavior.
  • Fixed a rendering glitch for image or phase data objects smaller than 64×64 pixel if shown centered and used together with phase shift overlays like Zernike parameters and/or beam manipulation.
  • Fixed a crash when loading image files with uncommon image widths, like 4010 pixel.
  • Improved documentation of datahandle members.
  • Improved precision of the function heds_utils_wait_checked_s and heds_utils_wait_checked_ms when waiting for short periods below 500 ms.

To download the latest SDK version, please log in at our download website:

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