SLM Slideshow Player IconThe HOLOEYE Slideshow Player software is a powerfull tool to address functions (or images) or even sequences of functions on an SLM. Most standard image viewer software is intended for an optimized display of photographic images and in many cases tries to sharpen the image, increase contrast and smoothenes transitions between images. Using an SLM, the exact display of gray values / phase values is needed. The SLM Slideshow Player software simplifies the display of images and image sequences on HOLOEYE Spatial Light Modulator devices without any automated influence on the images.

With version 2.0 we completely revised the HOLOEYE Slideshow Player software. It is now based on the HOLOEYE SLM Display SDK and also features built in image manipulation and phase overlay functions.

Version 2.0 is available for Windows 10 and above trough our download website at

New Features v2.0

  • Support of the latest HOLOEYE SLMs (e.g. ERIS).
  • Supporting beam manipulation with steer X, steer Y and lens in live mode.
  • Supporting transform data (shift X, shift Y, flip X and flip Y) during playback.
  • Supporting gray level manipulation (cyclic shift, gamma, and invert values).
  • Supporting wavefront compensation with *.h5 file format.
  • Supporting Zernike parameter with *.zernike.txt file format.
  • Extended show options (original, best fit, cropped to fit, full screen, tiling).
  • Automatic tiling for hologram tiles.
  • Implementation of ‘Drag and Drop’ feature for intuitive use.

To download version 2.0 of the SLM Slideshow Player software, please log in at our download website: