We recently added 4 new standard polymer Diffractive Optical Elements with different patterns for wavelengths around 450 nm. HOLOEYE offers a broad range of standard polymer DOEs. Standard Diffractive Optics are a fast and low cost way for proof-of-concept and product developments. With a standard size of 8 mm in diameter, these elements fit well into numerous standard laser modules and are already widely used by serveral laser module manufacturers within their products.

  • DE-R 197: Cross (45°, 425-590 nm)
  • DE-R 198: 31 Lines, Square (40° full pattern angle, 425-490 nm)
  • DE-R 199: Quasi Continuous Line (45°, 440-480 nm)
  • DE-R 399: 5 Rings (40°, 400-500 nm)
DE-R 197 Diffractive Optical Element
DE-R 198 Diffractive Optical Element
DE-R 199 Diffractive Optical Element
DE-R 399 Diffractive Optical Element