PLUTO-2.1 Spatial Light ModulatorWe recently released a major update for the PLUTO-2 SLM series. The PLUTO-2.1 features a faster pulse addressing frequeny which provides a higher dynamic range for addressing voltages. With an adjusted drive sequence and configurations the phase stability was further improved and with that, the diffraction efficiencies could also be enhanced.

The higher bandwith also increases flexibility in terms of configurations. The SLM devices come with different sets of configurations for optimized response times or optimized phase stability.

The PLUTO-2.1 driver is even capable of addressing 3 x 8 bit within a frame (180 Hz) and can be used for color field sequential phase operation using a fast display version for the visible range.

The PLUTO-2.1 Spatial Light Modulator plattform includes 11 versions which are optimized for different applications and wavelength ranges. The digital drive architecture of the device assures a high flexibility and scalability for higher volume industrial applications.