SLM SDK IconUpdated versions of the HOLOEYE Spatial Light Modulator Display SDK for C/C++, Python, Octave, Matlab, LabVIEW (Windows versions) are now available. Updates are available trough our download website at

The main new features are transform functionalitiesfor scaling and shifting of the image, reposition and changing focus and functions to add Zernike polynomials.

V3.0 New Features

  • We made some big design changes in this version, so we highly recommend reading the migration guide in the installed documentation page before using the new SDK version.
  • Added support for Direct3D 11.
  • Added support for wavefront compensation.
  • Added load flags, to modify the behaviour when loading data.
  • Introduced new class which provides functions to load and show data.
  • Removed lookup tables feature, as it is kind of unclear what its purpose is, since we use color tables now.

Bug Fixes

  • We added a fix for: “Setting durationInFrames on a datahandle to a value higher than one will make any following show function get stuck.”

To download the latest SDK version, please log in at our download website: