May 9, 2020


An updated version of the HOLOEYE SLM Display SDK for Python (Windows version) is now available. Updates are available trough our download website at

The main new features are transform functionalities for scaling and shifting of the image, reposition and changing focus and functions to add Zernike polynomials.

New Features

  • Added transform functionality which allows you to shift and scale the data on the SLM.
  • Added beam manipulation functionality which allows you to reposition phase data as well as change the focus.
  • Added Zernike function to add Zernike overlays on your data.
  • Added button to the preview window which allows you to see the current Zernike radius, if one is set.
  • Added button to the preview window which allows you to edit the properties of the current handle for easier debugging
    and experimenting.
  • The initial preview window size is now based on the size of the used SLM.
  • Added more detailed timing information.
  • We added a wait function which handle the case that the SLM is closed while waiting.
  • The preview window can now be controlled from within your code.
  • Added logging for better error tracking.
  • Introduced a single function to apply values to a datahandle, for a lower overhead when setting multiple values.
  • Added functions to access SDK version information.
  • Added version check to make sure your code is compatible with the current API version.
  • Data is now only rendered again when the way it is displayed changed.
  • Added function which provides error strings as Unicode.
  • Added pitch support, to be more flexible with how data is aligned.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved error handling for when the process was not started.
  • The preview window now interpolates data when showing scaled data to show less artifacts. This does not affect the
    data shown on the SLM.
  • Showing datahandles again now correctly resets the related timers to have consistent timer values.

Known Issues

  • We currently do not support the GAEA-1 device under Linux.
  • Under Linux, the preview window shows a framerate 30Hz for 60Hz devices, but performs the 60Hz as expected.


  • We dropped support for Windows 7.
  • Please refer to our [migration guide](\ref migration) for more detailed instructions.

To download the latest SDK version, please log in at our download website:

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