LETO-3 Spatial Light ModulatorWe just released a major update for LETO Phase Only Spatial Light Modulator series. The LETO-3 SLM has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels with 6.4 µm pixel pitch. The new driver features a faster pulse addressing frequency which provides a higher dynamic range for addressing voltages. With an adjusted drive sequence and configurations the phase stability was further improved and with that, the diffraction efficiencies could also be enhanced.

The LETO-3 driver is capable of addressing 3 x 8 bit within a frame (180 Hz) and can be used for color field sequential phase operation using a fast display version for the visible range. The device features an RGB light source sync connector for use with RGB color-switchable laser sources.

Also the new LETO-3 driver unit is much smaller than the previous version. With a driver unit size of only 97x80x19 mm the SLM can conveniently be integrated in optical setups.