LCOS Microdisplay AssemblyLCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) is a reflective microdisplay technology based on a silicon backplane. Using standard CMOS processes, microdisplays with extremely small pixels, high fill factor (pixel aperture ratio) and low fabrication costs can be realized.

LCOS micodisplays in consumer projection products typically have lifetimes >20,000 hours at operating temperatures of +10°C to + 70°C for the visible waveband (420 – 700 nm). HOLOEYE offers monochromatic and color field sequential microdisplays. For single panel color projection a color field sequential (CFS) display addresses three monochromatic images corresponding to the primary colors (RGB) in a repetitive sequence and is illuminated by a triggered light source.


LCOS Microdisplays

  • Industrial Projection (Fringe/Pattern Projection – Metrology, 3D-Sensor, Rapid Prototyping, Lithography)
  • Industrial Imaging (Data-Displays, Medical, Simulation)
  • HUDs and HMDs in automotive and airborne
  • High resolution NTE/EVF systems
  • AR, VR applications
  • SLMs for R&D and phase applications

LCOS Microdisplays, Drive ASICs and Services offered by HOLOEYE:

HED 2220 LCOS Microdisplay

HOLOEYE offers drive ASICs and standard drive board solutions for evaluation for several mycrodisplay types. HOLOEYE also offers customized development of drive electronics, flex cables and display packages. HOLOEYE specializes in custom designs using LCOS to meet the requirements of industrial customers. We offer design, prototyping and manufacturing services.

  • Custom microdisplays (LC design and packaging)
  • Drive board design, firmware programming, drive sequence programming
  • Prototyping and mechanical assembly
  • Management of development projects
  • Product qualification for speciality markets (e.g. medical, avionics, telecommunication)
  • Application based test systems
  • Secure supply for long life products (medical, telecommunication, avionics)
  • LCOS based optics design for imaging and non-imaging applications

HED 6001

0.7″ Reflective LCOS
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Pixel
  • Pixel Pitch: 8.0 µm
  • Monochrome

HED 2220

0.39″ Reflective LCOS
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Pixel
  • Pixel Pitch: 4.5 µm
  • Color