Chlipała, Maksymilian; a; Kozacki, Tomasz; Yeom, Han-Ju; Martinez-Carranza, Juan; Rafał; Kukołowicz; Kim, Jinwoong; Yang, Jong-Heon; Choi, Ji Hun; Pi, Jae-Eun & Hwang, Chi-Sun


“Holographic projection displays provide high diffraction efficiency. However, they have a limited projection angle. This work proposes a holographic projection display with a wide angle, which gives an image of size 306mm×161mm at 700 mm and reduced speckle noise. The solution uses single Fourier lens imaging with a frequency filter and hologram generation utilizing complex coding and nonparaxial diffraction. The experiment was performed with a 4K phase-only spatial light modulator (SLM) to prove the high efficiency of the developed numerical tools. Optical reconstruction shows high resolution and high image quality achieved from a single frame. Hence, displaying video at a full frame rate of the SLM is possible.”

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Publication: Optics Letters
Issue/Year: Optics Letters, Volume 46; Number 19; Pages 4956; 2021
DOI: 10.1364/ol.430275