Author(s): Karol Kakarenko, Marcin Zaremba, Izabela Ducin, Michał Makowski, Agnieszka Siemion, Andrzej Siemion, Jarosław Suszek, Maciej Sypek, Dariusz Wojnowski, Zbigniew Jaroszewicz, Andrzej Kołodziejczyk


“The paper presents the observation, measurement and utilization of flickering of phase modulation in time on a high-end Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) Spatial Light Modulator. The flicker due to binary driving electronics is a negative effect, but can be overcome by appropriate adjustment of phase modulation depth, which results in time-synchronization of peak efficiencies for selected wavelengths. In this work optimal parameters for three wavelengths of primary RGB colors are investigated. The effect is optimal performance of the SLM for full-color dynamic holography.”

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Publication: Photonics Letters of Poland
Issue/Year: Photonics Letters of Poland, Vol 2, No 3, P. 128-130 (2010)
DOI: 10.4302/plp.2010.3.11