SLM_slideshow_player_iconThe SLM Slideshow Player software is intended to ease the display of images and image sequences on HOLOEYE Spatial Light Modulator devices. These image files may represent phase maps (if the SLM is set up as a phase modulating device) or amplitude distributions (if the SLM is set up as an amplitude modulating device utilizing a polarizer).

During start-up, the software will detect the connected SLM device to make sure that images will be displayed on the SLM device properly. In order to do so, the software checks if the SLM is set up properly as a screen in your operating system and it will use this screen for displaying images.

Spatial Light Modulator Slideshow PlayerThe slideshow player permits a selection of image files within a so-called root folder and its subfolders to be displayed on the SLM. This root folder can be changed during operation of the software. The concept of such root folders is used in order to speed up the search of previously generated configurations. Admittedly it is also assumed that images for display on the SLM are typically found in certain folders the user creates for this purpose.

The software is intended to display selected images as a sequence on the SLM with a user selected frame rate. This sequence of images is treated inside the software as a so-called ‘playlist’. Playlists can be saved and loaded using this software. When saving a playlist, the play modes, speed and other settings are also saved as part of the playlist. The purpose is that for doing repeated experiments or demonstrations with an SLM device, it should be convenient to recover all related settings fast and to be able to start directly with displaying the prepared image sequence contained in such a playlist.