As the multi channel HEO 1080 P device was replaced by the PLUTO Spatial Light Modulator series with optimized compact single channel driveboard and housing, we now offer a DVI video channel splitter for special 2 or 3 display applications. With the video splitter you can run up to 3 Pluto devices using 1 DVI graphics card output. You can also use a phase and an amplitude display simulataniously.

The DVI splitter divides the input signal from 1 DVI input into the 3 color channels red, green and blue. The RGB input signal is split into the 3 color channels as following:

  • Input signal blue channel -> output signal green 1
  • Input signal green channel -> output signal green 2
  • Input signal red channel -> output signal green 3

The video splitter device also provides HSYNC and VSYNC synchronizing pulse support

To address the divided color channels you have to use a graphics program (like Paint Shop, Photoshop…) which allows you to edit the color channels seperately. You simply paste a grayscale image with your desired function into the appropriate color chanel. Afte saving the image you can display it on the SLM via the DVI splitter as usual and the image signal will be split into the functions defined in each color channel again.