Mani Ratnam Rai and A. Vijayakumar and Joseph Rosen


“We propose a new scheme for recording an incoherent digital hologram by a single camera shot. The method is based on a motionless, interferenceless, coded aperture correlation holography for 3D imaging. Two random-like coded phase masks (CPMs) are synthesized using the Gerchberg–Saxton algorithm with two different initial random phase profiles. The two CPMs are displayed side by side and used as the system aperture. Light from a pinhole is introduced into the system, and two impulse responses are recorded corresponding to the two CPMs. The two impulse responses are subtracted, and the resulting intensity profile is used as a reconstructing hologram. A library of reconstructing holograms is created corresponding to all possible axial locations. Following the above training stage, an object is placed within the axial limits of the library, and the intensity patterns of a single shot, corresponding to the same two CPMs, are recorded under identical conditions to generate the object hologram. The image of the object at any plane is reconstructed by a cross-correlation between the object hologram and the corresponding reconstructing hologram from the library.”

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Publication: Optics Letters

Issue/Year/DOI: Optics Letters Vol. 42, Issue 19, pp. 3992-3995 (2017)

DOI: 10.1364/OL.42.003992