Zhang, Douguo and Wang, Ruxue and Xiang, Yifeng and Kuai, Yan and Kuang, Cuifang and Badugu, Ramachandram and Xu, Yingke and Wang, Pei and Ming, Hai and Liu, Xu and Lakowicz, Joseph R.


“The use of a single silver nanowire as a flexible coupler to transform a free space beam into a Bloch surface wave propagating on a dielectric multilayer is proposed. Based on Huygens ‘Principle, when a Gaussian beam is focused onto a straight silver nanowire, a Bloch surface wave is generated and propagates perpendicular to the nanowire. By curving the silver nanowire, the surface wave can be focused. Furthermore, the spatial phase of the incident laser beam can be actively controlled with the aid of a spatial light modulator, resulting in the reconfigurable or dynamically controlled Bloch surface waves. The low cost of the chemically synthesized silver nanowires and the high flexibility with regard to tuning the spatial phase of the incident light make this approach very promising for various applications including optical micromanipulation, fluorescence imaging, and sensing.”

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Publication: ACS Nano
Issue/Year: ACS Nano, 2017, volume 11(10), pp 10446–10451
DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.7b05638