Chenliang Chang and Yuan Gao and Jianpei Xia and Shouping Nie and Jianping Ding


“We present a method of shaping three-dimensional (3D) vector beams with prescribed intensity distribution and controllable polarization state variation along arbitrary curves in three dimensions. By employing a non-iterative 3D beam-shaping method developed for the scalar field,
we use two curved laser beams with mutually orthogonal polarization serving as base vector components with a high-intensity gradient and controllable phase variation,
so that they are collinearly superposed to produce a 3D vector beam. We experimentally demonstrate the generation of 3D vector beams that have a polarization gradient (spatially continuous variant polarization state) along 3D curves, which may find applications in polarizationmediated
processes, such as to drive the motion of micro-particles.”

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Publication: Optics Letters

Issue/Year/DOI: Optics Letters Volume 42, Issue 19 pp. 3884-3887 (2017)
DOI: 10.1364/OL.42.003884