Shiyao Fu and Tonglu Wang and Zheyuan Zhang and Yanwang Zhai and Chunqing Gao


“We experimentally demonstrate an approach to acquire multiple beams on a hybrid Poincare
sphere, where different states are present at various diffraction orders. Moreover, the state in each
diffraction order is controllable. Our scheme is accomplished by employing liquid crystal spatial
light modulators, which act as anisotropic polarization diffraction gratings. The multiple states
generated in the experiment, with various polarization distributions, are verified by a polarizer and
a tilted lens, showing good agreement with the prediction. Such a proposed scheme has potential
applications in the domains as laser machining, nanoparticle manipulations, and so on.”

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Publication: Applied Physics Letters
Issue/Year/DOI: Applied Physics Letters Volume 110, Issue 19
DOI: 10.1063/1.4983284