Abidin, Shafiqul; Swami, Amit; Ramirez-As{‘{i}}s, Edwin; Alvarado-Tolentino, Joseph; Maurya, Rajesh Kumar & Hussain, Naziya


“Quantum cryptography concentrates on the solution of cryptography that is imperishable due to the reason of fortification of secrecy which is applied to the public key distribution of quantum. It is a very prominent technology in which 2 beings can securely communicate along with the sights belongings to quantum physics. However, on basis of classical level cryptography, the used encodes were bits for data. As quantum utilizes the photons or particles polarize ones for encoding the quantized property. This is presented in qubits as a unit. Transmissions depend directly on the inalienable mechanic’s law of quantum for security. This paper includes detailed insight into the three most used and appreciated quantum cryptography applications that are providing its domain-wide service in the field of mobile cloud computing. These services are (it) DARPA Network, (ii) IPSEC implementation, and (iii) the twisted light HD implementation along with quantum elements, key distribution, and protocols.”

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Publication: Materials Today: Proceedings
Issue/Year: Materials Today: Proceedings, 2021
DOI: 10.1016/j.matpr.2021.05.593