Author(s): Piao, Mei-Lan; Kim, Nam; Park, Jae-Hyeung


“We propose a phase contrast filter using photopolymer, for the phase contrast projection display. The photopolymer has high photosensitivity such that its optically induced refractive index change has a linear dependency on the illuminating light intensity. We implemented a phase contrast projection display using photopolymer as a phase contrast filter. By controlling the refractive index change of the photopolymer, we successfully convert an input phase image into a high contrast intensity image. We also investigated the effect of the photopolymer illumination condition on the quality of the displayed intensity image. As a projector, we achieved 82% phase to intensity conversion efficiency, which implies that the proposed method can potentially have much higher light efficiency than conventional projection display.”

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Publication: Journal of the Optical Society of Korea
Issue/Year: Journal of the Optical Society of Korea, Volume 12, Issue 4, December 2008, pp.319-325
DOI: 10.3807/JOSK.2008.12.4.319