Cao, Qian; Chen, Jian; Lu, Keyin; Wan, Chenhao; Chong, Andy & Zhan, Qiwen


“Non-spreading nature of Bessel spatiotemporal wavepackets is theoretically and experimentally investigated and orders of magnitude improvement in the spatiotemporal spreading has been demonstrated. The spatiotemporal confinement provided by the Bessel spatiotemporal wavepacket is further exploited to transport transverse orbital angular momentum through embedding spatiotemporal optical vortex into the Bessel spatiotemporal wavepacket, constructing a new type of wavepacket: Bessel spatiotemporal optical vortex. Both numerical and experimental results demonstrate that spatiotemporal vortex structure can be well maintained and confined through much longer propagation. High order spatiotemporal optical vortices can also be better confined in the spatiotemporal domain and prevented from further breaking up, overcoming a potential major obstacle for future applications of spatiotemporal vortex.”

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Publication: Science Bulletin
Issue/Year: Science Bulletin, 2021
DOI: 10.1016/j.scib.2021.07.031