HOLOEYE introduces 5 new of off-the-shelf standard glass diffractive optical elements. These stock elements are made of Fused Silica glass by etching, or are replicated using Acrylate polymers on Soda Lime glass substrates. Both versions feature an anti-reflective (AR) coating on the plain side of the glass substrate.

new standard glass DOE

  • Matrix 5 x 5 Dots (630-700 nm)
  • 1 : 2 Beam Splitter (630-700 nm)
  • 1 : 7 Dot Line (630-760 nm)
  • 1 : 25 Dot Line (635-645 nm)
  • Cross – 38° @ 635 nm (560-670 nm)

Compared to DOEs made from polymer materials, the glass DOEs are more ruggedized. They are more scratch resistant, can withstand higher temperatures and higher laser powers, have lower thermal extension coefficients (CTE) and the fused silica DOEs can easily withstand exposure to UV radiation without degradation.

The Fused Silica DOEs have a size of 5 mm x 5.75 mm at 0.67mm thickness. The Arylate-on-Soda-Lime DOEs have a size of 5.2 mm x 4.7 mm at 1mm thickness. In sample quantities, both versions are available in a 12.7 mm diameter frame for use with standard laboratory mounts.

Standard Glass DOEs