Aranchuk, Vyacheslav; Kasu, Ramachandran; Li, Junrui; Aranchuk, Ina & Hickey, Craig


“Multi-beam laser Doppler vibrometers (MB-LDVs) have an advantage over scanning single-beam laser Doppler vibrometers (LDVs) due to the reduction in measurement time and their ability to measure non-stationary and transient events. However, the number of simultaneously interrogated points in current MB-LDVs is limited due to the complexity of the electronic hardware, which increases with the number of measurement channels. Recent developments of high-speed line-scan CMOS cameras suggest that their use in MB-LDVs can reduce the hardware complexity and increase the number of measurement channels. We developed a MB-LDV based on a digital line-scan CMOS camera that simultaneously measures vibrations on a linear array of 99 points. The experimental setup and performance of the developed MB-LDV are discussed in this paper.”

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Publication: Appl. Opt.
Issue/Year: Appl. Opt., Volume 61; Number 20; Pages 5876–5883; 2022
DOI: 10.1364/AO.461368