Author(s): A. S. Ostrovsky, E. Hernández Garcia


“A formal, physical analogy between plastic deformation, mainly dislocation creep, and Relativistic Cosmology is presented. The physical analogy between eight expressions for dislocation creep and Relativistic Cosmology have been obtained. By comparing the mathematical expressions and by using a physical analysis, two new equations have been obtained for dislocation creep. Also, four new expressions have been obtained for Relativistic Cosmology. From these four new equations, one may determine the neutron energy, uN, by knowing of the present value of the universe radius and the Einstenian gravitational constant. Another new expression gives the neutron radius, rN, as the present value of the universe radius, ROU divided by 1040.”

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Publication: Revista Mexicana de Fisica (free download)

Issue/Year/DOI: Rev. Mex. Fis. 51(5) (2005) 442–446 (2005)