Author(s): Christian Kohler, Tobias Haist, Wolfgang Osten


“We present a method for measuring all eight parameters (including the signs) of the Jones matrices of liquid-crystal displays. The method can be applied to measure the Jones matrices for all addressable gray levels thus delivering the specifications needed for calculating characteristic curves for arbitrary input and output polarizations. Unlike other approaches, we do not rely on a physical model of the LCD. Thus, it is possible to measure the Jones matrices of a more complex optical system in one step (e.g., when a reflective LCD is used in combination with a beamsplitter). Though the method presented is, in principle, applicable for transmissive and reflective LCDs, calculations and experiments are only shown using the example of a reflective liquid-crystal-on-silicon display. ”

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Publication: SPIE – Optical Engineering
Issue/Year: SPIE – Optical Engineering, Vol. 48, 044002 (2009)
DOI: 10.1117/1.3119309