Author(s): Cory W. Christenson, Pierre-Alexandre Blanche, Savas Tay, Ram Voorakaranam, Tao Gu, Weiping Lin, Peng Wang, Michiharu Yamamoto, Jayan Thomas, Robert A. Norwood, and Nasser Peyghambarian


“Holography is a powerful technique for providing high-resolution, realistic three-dimensional (3D) images without the need for special eyewear. A material that takes full advantage of the potential of holography, including updatability, has not existed. Here, the first updatable holographic 3D display based on a photorefractive polymer is summarized. The performance characteristics of these materials are measured, and how they relate to the development of additional display enhancements such as pulsed writing, white light viewing, and large viewing angle, are discussed.”

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Publication: Journal of Display Technology
Issue/Year: Journal of Display Technology, Issue: 99, pp1-7, (2010)
DOI: 10.1109/JDT.2010.2046620