Elisabet Pérez-Cabré; María S. Millán

“A liquid crystal on silicon spatial light modulator (LCoS SLM) with large phase modulation has been thoroughly characterized to operate optimally with several linear phase modulation ranges (π, 2π, 3π, 4π, 6π, and 8π) for an intermediate wavelength of the visible spectrum (λG = 530 nm). For each range, the device response was also measured for two additional wavelengths at the blue and red extremes of the visible spectrum (λB = 476 nm and λR = 647 nm). Multiorder diffractive optical elements, displayed on the LCoS SLM with the appropriate phase modulation range, allowed us to deal with some widely known encoding issues of conventional first-order diffractive lenses such as undersampling and longitudinal chromatic aberration. We designed an achromatic multiorder lens and implemented it experimentally on the SLM. As a result, the residual chromatic aberration reduces to one-third that of the chromatic aberration of a conventional first-order diffractive lens.”

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Publication: Applied Sciences
Issue/Year: Applied Sciences, Volume 9; Number 13; Pages 2592; 2019
DOI: 10.3390/app9132592