Cheremkhin, Pavel; Evtikhiev, Nikolay; Krasnov, Vitaly; Ryabcev, Ilya; Shifrina, Anna & Starikov, Rostislav


“The necessity of the correction of errors emerging during the optical encryption process ledto the extensive use of data containers such as QR codes. However, due to specifics of optical encryp-tion, QR codes are not very well suited for the task, which results in low error correction capabilitiesin optical experiments mainly due to easily breakable QR code’s service elements and byte datastructure. In this paper, we present optical implementation of information optical encryption systemutilizing new multilevel customizable digital data containers with high data density. The results ofoptical experiments demonstrate efficient error correction capabilities of the new data container.”

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Publication: Applied Sciences
Issue/Year: Applied Sciences, Volume 12; Number 1; Pages 406; 2021
DOI: 10.3390/app12010406