HED 6001

Reflective LCOS

HED 6001 LCOS Microdisplay Dimensions

HED-6001 LCOS Microdisplay (1920 x 1080 Pixel) – 0.7″ – Monochrome
Display Type Reflective LCOS
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (full HD)
Display Mode VAN normally black, nematic
Device Diagonal: 0.7”
Active Area: 15.36 x 8.64 mm
Aperture Ratio / Fill Factor: 93%
Pixel Pitch: 8.0 μm
Dynamic Range: 8 bit grey level
Input Frame Rate: 60 Hz monochrome
Contrast Ratio: >1000:1*
Reflectance: 73% (@ 633 nm) / 78% (@ 1064 nm)
Operating Temperature +10°C to +70°C
Lifetime (RPTV Application) 20,000 hours
Recommended Waveband 420 – 700 nm / 650 – 1100 nm
*TN LCOS devices show a contrast in CFS mode >1000:1 using compensators like trim retarders or QWP´s, whereas in monochrome applications the sequential contrast could be above 3000:1, even higher with VAN-type LCOS in normally black mode also with compensator optics.

HEO 6001 Developer Kit

LCOS Developer Kit HEO 6001

We currently offer 2 versions of hte HEO 6001 microdisplay. A version vor the visible range and a version for the near infrared up to 1100 nm. For both versions developer kits are availalbe including the display, a standard driveboard and all necessary accessories to run the display for testing and evaluation.

The kit is highly programmable and allows a tailored configuration according the specific requirements. The driveboard uses an HDMI interface for addressing images and an USB connection for advanced calibrations. Via the USB connection (UART USB slot) the user can perform various display adjustments like gamma correction, geometrical settings and different sequences can be loaded to the driver. Besides this the driver features a trigger sync output to synchronize the device with external devices.

The driverboard also features a dual-core ARM® Cortex™-A9 processor. This enables the user to program additional functionality which is directly processed on the driver (e.g. a slideshow from images which are loaded from USB flash (via OTG USB slot) or from internal memory). The dual-core system runs an embedded Linux™ SMP operating system and includes a library which provides full control and supervision of the display and driver itself.

The driverboard provides access through Serial and Ethernet-over-USB2 (RNDIS) interfaces and can be programmed using standard Ubuntu™ cross compile GCC toolchain.

HEO 6001 LCOS Developer Kit Deliverables
HEO 6001 Developer Kit – Deliverables
Full HD amplitude display incl. flex cable
Driver board
12 V power supply + cable
Magnetic display mount
USB flash drive with software and documentation


HEO 6001 LCOS Driverboard