Yuan, Yongjiu; Jiang, Lan; Li, Xin; Zuo, Pei; Xu, Chenyang; Tian, Mengyao; Zhang, Xueqiang; Wang, Sumei; Lu, Bing; Shao, Changxiang; Zhao, Bingquan; Zhang, Jiatao; Qu, Liangti & Cui, Tianhong


“Micro-supercapacitors are promising miniaturized energy storage devices that have attracted considerable research interest. However, their widespread use is limited by inefficient microfabrication technologies and their low energy density. Here, a flexible, designable micro-supercapacitor can be fabricated by a single pulse laser photonic-reduction stamping. A thousand spatially shaped laser pulses can be generated in one second, and over 30,000 micro-supercapacitors are produced within 10 minutes. The micro-supercapacitor and narrow gaps were dozens of microns and 500 nm, respectively. With the unique three-dimensional structure of laser-induced graphene based electrode, a single micro-supercapacitor exhibits an ultra-high energy density (0.23 Wh cm−3), an ultra-small time constant (0.01 ms), outstanding specific capacitance (128 mF cm−2 and 426.7 F cm−3) and a long-term cyclability. The unique technique is desirable for a broad range of applications, which surmounts current limitations of high-throughput fabrication and low energy density of micro-supercapacitors.”

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Publication: Nature Communications
Issue/Year: Nature Communications, Volume 11; Number 1; 2020
DOI: 10.1038/s41467-020-19985-2