Author(s): A. Lizana, N. Martín, M. Estapé, E. Fernández, I. Moreno, A. Márquez, C. Iemmi, J. Campos, and M. J. Yzuel


“In this paper we experimentally analyze the performance of a twisted nematic liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) display as a function of the angle of incidence of the incoming beam. These are reflective displays that can be configured to produce amplitude or phase modulation by properly aligning external polarization elements. But we demonstrate that the incident angle plays an important role in the selection of the polarization configuration. We performed a Mueller matrix polarimetric analysis of the display that demonstrates that the recently reported depolarization effect observed in this type of displays is also dependant on the incident angle. ”

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Publication: Optics Express, (free download)

Issue/Year/DOI: Optics Express, Vol. 17, Issue 10, pp. 8491-8505 (2009)