Author(s): E. Pleguezuelos, A. Carnicer, J. Andilla, E. Martín-Badosa, M. Montes-Usategui


“This work presents an application that generates real-time holograms to be displayed on a holographic optical tweezers setup; a technique that allows the manipulation of particles in the range from micrometres to nanometres. The software is written in Java, and uses random binary masks to generate the holograms. It allows customization of several parameters that are dependent on the experimental setup, such as the specific characteristics of the device displaying the hologram, or the presence of aberrations. We evaluate the software’s performance and conclude that real-time interaction is achieved. We give our experimental results from manipulating 5 μm microspheres using the program.”

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Publication: Computer Physics Communications
Issue/Year: Computer Physics Communications, Volume 176, Issues 11-12, Pages 701-709, (2007)
DOI: 10.1016/j.cpc.2007.03.003