Delin Li and Chenliang Chang and Shouping Nie and Shaotong Feng and Jun Ma and Caojin Yuan


“We propose a method for generating an elliptic perfect vector beam (EPVB) by modulating the dynamic and geometric phases. It is theoretically demonstrated that the shape of the beam can be changed from circle to ellipse by setting the scale factor m of the dynamic phase, but the diameter of it is independent on the topological charge and the polarization order. Since the geometric phases provided by the dialectic Q-plate vary with the polarization state of the illumination beam, EPVB can be converted to the elliptic perfect optical vortex (EPOV) beam by changing the polarization state of the illuminating beam. Therefore, we also provide an alternative method to generate the EPOV beam. The experimental results agree well with the theoretical expectations.”

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Publication: Applied Physics Letters
Issue/Year/DOI: Applied Physics Letters Volume 113, Issue 12

DOI: 10.1063/1.5048327