Khonina, Svetlana N.; Porfirev, Alexey P.; Ustinov, Andrey V. & Butt, Muhammad Ali


“Optical vortex (OV) beams are widely used for the generation of light fields with transverse energy flow inducing orbital motion of the nano- and microparticles in the transverse plane. Here, we present some new modifications of OV beams with autofocusing properties for shaping complex transverse energy flow distributions varying in space. The angular component of the complex amplitude of these beams is defined by the superpositions of OV beams with different topological charges. The proposed approach provides a convenient method to control the three-dimensional structure of the generated autofocusing OV beams. The control of the transverse distribution of an autofocusing beam provides a wide variety of generated fields with both rotating and periodic properties, which can be used in the field of laser manipulation and laser material processing. Thus, the obtained numerical results predict different types of motion of the trapped particles for the designed OV autofocusing beams. The experimental results agree with modeling results and demonstrate the principal possibility to shape such laser beams using spatial light modulators.”

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Publication: Micromachines
Issue/Year: Micromachines, Volume 12; Number 3; Pages 297; 2021
DOI: 10.3390/mi12030297