Author(s): Yuan-Zhi Liu, Jian-Wen Dong, Yi-Ying Pu, He-Xiang He, Bing-Chu Chen, He-Zhou Wang, Huadong Zheng, and Yingjie Yu


“A Fraunhofer computer-generated hologram (CGH) is proved to be valid in display for three-dimensional (3D) objects from the Fresnel to the far-field region without a Fourier lens for reconstruction. To quickly compute large and complicated 3D objects that consist of slanted diffused surfaces in the Fresnel region, a Fraunhofer-based analytical approach using a basic-triangle tiling diffuser is developed. Both theoretical and experimental results reveal that Fraunhofer CGH can perform the same effects as Fresnel CGH but require less calculation time. Impressive 3D solid effects are achieved in the Fresnel region.”

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Publication: Optics Letters, (subscription required)

Issue/Year/DOI: Optics Letters, Vol. 36, Issue 11, pp. 2128-2130 (2011)