Author(s): Stefan E. Schausberger, Bettina Heise, Christian Maurer, Stefan Bernet, Monika Ritsch-Marte, and David Stifter


“We propose a full-field low-coherence interference (LCI) microscope that can provide different contrast modes using Fourier-plane filtering by means of a spatial light modulator. By altering the phase and spatial frequencies of the backreflected wavefront from the sample arm of the interferometer, we are able to change the contrast in the depth-resolved LCI images. We demonstrate that different types of contrast modes, such as, e.g., spiral phase contrast, can successfully be emulated to provide specific enhancement of internal structures and edges and to reveal complementary details within the samples under investigation.”

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Publication: Optics Letters
Issue/Year: Optics Letters, Vol. 35, Issue 24, pp. 4154-4156 (2010)
DOI: 10.1364/OL.35.004154