Musheng Chen and Sujuan Huang and Wei Shao and Xianpeng Liu


“The auto-focusing and auto-healing profiles
of linearly polarized ring Airy Gaussian vortex (RAiGV)
beams in linear media are investigated experimentally
based on spatial light modulators and computer-generated
holograms. It is found that the parameters of incident beams
greatly affect the auto-focusing profiles of RAiGV. The focal
length increases as the radius of the primary ring, scaling
factor and waist radius increases, and the focal length
decreases slightly as topological charges increase. The peak
intensity at focal point increases with the increasing topological
charges and waist radius, or with the decreasing
scaling factor and the radius of the primary ring. The phase
singularity of the RAiGV beams remains unchanged during
propagation. The RAiGV beams also exhibit remarkable
resilience against perturbations and tend to reconstruct its
intensity sharp. Meanwhile, the abruptly auto-focusing property
can be controlled by blocking few inner or outer rings
of the RAiGV beams. These studies provide useful insight
in the study of Airy vortex beam and its further applications”

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Publication: Applied Physics

Issue/Year/DOI: Applied Physics B 123:215 (2017)
DOI: 10.1007/s00340-017-6794-8