Author(s): Junichi Hamazaki, Yuriya Mineta, Kazuhiro Oka, and Ryuji Morita


“Direct observation of Gouy phase shift on an optical vortex was presented through investigating the intensity profiles of a modified LG_p^m beam with an asymmetric defect, around at the focal point. It was quantitatively found that the rotation profile of a modified LG_p^m beam manifests the Gouy phase effect where the rotation direction depends on only the sign of topological charge m. This profile measurement method by introducing an asymmetric defect is a simple and useful technique for obtaining the information of the Gouy phase shift, without need of a conventional interference method. In addition, the 3-dimernsional trajectory of the defect was found to describe a uniform straight line.”

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Publication: Optics Express (free download)

Issue/Year/DOI: Optics Express, Vol. 14, Issue 18, pp. 8382-8392