An, Sha; Peng, Tong; Yan, Shaohui; Zhang, Peng; Li, Manman & Yao, Baoli


“Optical manipulation with nondiffracting beams has been attracting great interest and finding widespread applications in many fields such as chemistry, physics, and biomedicine. Generally, optical manipulation is conducted in an optical microscopy system, which, in general, only allows for imaging motions of particles in the transverse plane, rendering the observation of dynamics processes occurring in the axial plane impractical. We propose and demonstrate an optical manipulation system that incorporates an axial plane imaging module. With this system, the trapping behavior in the transverse plane and the transportation process in the axial plane of a particle immersed in a Bessel beam were acquired simultaneously in real time.”

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Publication: Applied Optics
Issue/Year: Applied Optics, Volume 60; Number 11; Pages 2974; 2021
DOI: 10.1364/ao.417854