Na, Youngbin & Ko, Do-Kyeong


“Structured light with spatial degrees of freedom (DoF) is considered a potential solution to address the unprecedented demand for data traffic, but there is a limit to effectively improving the communication capacity by its integer quantization. We propose a data transmission system using fractional mode encoding and deep-learning decoding. Spatial modes of Bessel-Gaussian beams separated by fractional intervals are employed to represent 8-bit symbols. Data encoded by switching phase holograms is efficiently decoded by a deep-learning classifier that only requires the intensity profile of transmitted modes. Our results show that the trained model can simultaneously recognize two independent DoF without any mode sorter and precisely detect small differences between fractional modes. Moreover, the proposed scheme successfully achieves image transmission despite its densely packed mode space. This research will present a new approach to realizing higher data rates for advanced optical communication systems.”

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Publication: Scientific Reports
Issue/Year: Scientific Reports, Volume 11; Number 1; 2021
DOI: 10.1038/s41598-021-82239-8