Author(s): Darryl Naidoo, Andrew Forbes, Kamel Ait-Ameur, Marc Brunel


“An experimental approach in generating Petal-like transverse modes, which are similar to what is seen in porro-prism resonators, has been successfully demonstrated. We hypothesize that the petal-like structures are generated from a coherent superposition of Laguerre-Gaussian modes of zero radial order and opposite azimuthal order. To verify this hypothesis, visually based comparisons such as petal peak to peak diameter and the angle between adjacent petals are drawn between experimental data and simulated data. The beam quality factor of the Petal-like transverse modes and an inner product interaction is also experimentally compared to numerical results.”

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Publication: SPIE Proceedings
Issue/Year: Proc. SPIE 7913, 791304 (2011)
DOI: 10.1117/12.876854