HOLOEYE Photonics AG is providing products and services in the fields of diffractive optics (DOE), spatial light modulators (SLM) and LCOS microdisplay components. HOLOEYE´s development and engineering team is based in Berlin together with technical sales

HOLOEYE Spatial Light Modulators

Spatial Light Modulators [SLM]

HOLOEYE offers a great variety of microdisplay based Spatial Light Modulator products for phase and/or amplitude modulation. Based on both translucent or reflective liquid crystal microdisplays, HOLOEYE’s SLMs have been utilized in numerous applications ranging over holographic projection and security systems via optical metrology, optical switching devices, biophotonics, laser pulse shaping, and even laser material processing.

HOLOEYE’s main business focus is providing Spatial Light Modulator solutions for phase modulation. For HOLOEYE, Spatial Light Modulators are not just one product among many others but SLMs are our core business and competence. Founded 1999 we have more than 20 years of experience in SLMs and beyond doubt we can call us “the experts in SLMs”.
We do not stand still with our current product range and are continuously working on new products and improvements of the existing product lines, accessories and software.

Even though phase only Spatial Light Modulators are still mainly used in University based R&D projects, HOLOEYE already implemented SLMs in high volume industrial products and applications like WSS or in Microscopy. We can support product developments from simple customizations of flex cables or display packages up to custom LC designs and driver electronics for specific applications which have demands beyond standard SLM products.

HED2220 LCOS Microdisplay

LCOS Microdisplay Technology

The LCOS microdisplay division is providing manufacturers in the field of technical optics, specifically technical projection, imaging, and display technologies, with LCOS microdisplay-hardware other Liquid Crystal micro displays and electronics design services as component solutions.

HOLOEYE is specialized in the development of custom drive electronics, flex cables and display packages and also offers custom LC designs and display customizations for specific applications which have demands beyond standard projection displays.

Standard Glass DOE Mounts

Diffractive Optical Elements

HOLOEYE is providing customized design and fabrication services for Diffractive Optical Elements. Besides that HOLOEYE also offers a broad range of standard Diffractive Optical Elements with various patterns like dot arrays, dot-circles, circles, multi-lines and cross patterns.