New Standard Diffractive Optical Elements

HOLOEYE already offers a broad range of standard polymer Diffractive Optical Elements. Standard Diffractive Optics are a fast and low cost way for proof-of-concept and product developments. Besides this with a standard size of 8 mm in diameter, these elements fit well into numerous standard laser modules and are already widely used by serveral laser module manufacturers within their products. We currently added 10 new standard DOEs with different patterns: (more…)

Distribution Agreement with LASER COMPONENTS USA

Laser Components USA
HOLOEYE has entered into a distribution agreement with LASER COMPONENTS USA for the distibution of our Spatial Light Modulator (SLM) products in North America as of January 01, 2019. We believe that Laser Components USA is the right partner to increase our reachability and service in the US. The Laser Components sales and service team has a good understanding of our products and (more…)