Liu, Chao; Yu, Xianghua; Bai, Chen; Li, Xing; Zhou, Yuan; Yan, Shaohui; Min, Junwei; Dan, Dan; Li, Runze; Gu, Shuangyu & Yao, Baoli


“Airy beam light-sheet illumination can extend the field of view (FOV) of light-sheet fluorescence microscopy due to the unique propagation properties of non-diffraction and self-acceleration. However, the side lobes create undesirable out-of-focus background, leading to poor axial resolution and low image contrast. Here, we propose an Airy complementary beam subtraction (ACBS) method to improve the axial resolution while keeping the extended FOV. By scanning the optimized designed complementary beam that has two main lobes (TML), the generated complementary light-sheet has almost identical intensity distribution to that of the planar Airy light-sheet except for the central lobe. Subtraction of the two images acquired by double exposure respectively using the planar Airy light-sheet and the planar TML light-sheet can effectively suppress the influence of the out-of-focus background. The axial resolution improves from ∼4µm to 1.2 µm. The imaging performance was demonstrated by imaging specimens of aspergillus conidiophores and GFP labeled mouse brain section. The results show that the ACBS method enables the Airy beam light-sheet fluorescence microscopy to obtain better imaging quality.”

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Publication: Applied Optics
Issue/Year: Applied Optics, Volume 60; Number 32; Pages 10239; 2021
DOI: 10.1364/ao.441070