Author(s): Günther Wernicke, Johannes Frank, Hartmut Gruber, Matthias Dürr, Andreas Langner, Stefan Eisebitt, Christian Günther, Larbi Bouamama, Sven Krüger and Andreas Hermerschmidt


“Adressable spatial light modulators with as much as possible ideal phase modulation are the precondition for their application in digital holography. An adapted driver electronics for the modulator and a correct knowledge of the modulation behavior can lead to a dynamic phase modulating device with nearly linear characteristic curve and a maximum phase range of 2pi. We show a system for recording and reconstruction of digital holograms applying a spatial light modulator for the optical reconstruction and the digital processing of the holograms. The data of a CCD-camera are taken to a PC and sent to a spatial light modulator. In that sense we realised an analog-digital converter for recording and a digital-analog converter for the optical hologram reconstruction. We discuss the resolution of the reconstruction and their applications, especially possibilities for the manipulation with the reconstructed wave field. ”

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Publication: SPIE Proceedings, (subscription required)

Issue/Year/DOI: Proc. SPIE, Vol. 6136, 61360Q (2006);