Author(s): Marcel Teschke, Robert Heyer, Marco Fritzsche, Sebastian Stoebenau, Stefan Sinzinger


“A novel approach for the fabrication of diffractive optical elements is described. This approach is based on an interferometric phase contrast method that transforms a complex object wavefront into an intensity pattern. The resulting intensity pattern is used to expose a photoresist layer on a substrate. After development, a diffractive phase object with an on-axis diffraction pattern is achieved. We show that the interferometric phase contrast method allows a precise control of the resulting intensity pattern. An array of blazed Fresnel lenses is realized in photoresist by using kinoform or detour-phase computer holograms for the interferometric phase contrast setup.”

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Publication: Applied Optics
Issue/Year: Applied Optics, Vol. 47, Issue 14, pp. 2550-2556 (2008)
DOI: 10.1364/AO.47.002550