Khorin, Pavel A.; Porfirev, Alexey P. & Khonina, Svetlana N.


“An adaptive method for determining the type and magnitude of aberration in a wide range is proposed on the basis of an optical processing of the analyzed wavefront using a multichannel filter matched to the adjustable Zernike phase functions. The approach is based on an adaptive (or step-by-step) compensation of wavefront aberrations based on a dynamically tunable multichannel filter implemented on a spatial light modulator. For adaptive filter adjustment, a set of criteria is proposed that takes into account not only the magnitude of the correlation peak, but also the maximum intensity, compactness, and orientation of the distribution in each diffraction order. The experimental results have shown the efficiency of the proposed approach for detecting wavefront aberrations in a wide range (from 0.1 λ to λ).”

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Publication: Photonics
Issue/Year: Photonics, Volume 9; Number 3; Pages 204; 2022
DOI: 10.3390/photonics9030204