Shiyao Fu and Yanwang Zhai and Tonglu Wang and Ci Yin and Chunqing Gao


“Hybrid Poincaré beams (HPBs) are a kind of structure field with anisotropic polarizations. Here, we demonstrate an approach to tailor HPBs with arbitrary states, through encoding a single hologram on a liquid-crystal display device along with a stable optical system. The state of the obtained HPB is determined only by the encoded holograms with special design, which means it is not necessary to adjust any optical elements or hardware when generating various HPB states. Moreover, perfect HPBs can also be generated through the proposed scheme. In the experiment, the obtained HPBs are analyzed through a polarizer and a special parameter S3/S0, showing good agreement with prediction. This work opens an insight in encoding single holograms for tailoring arbitrary HPBs and inspires various applications.”

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Publication: Applied Physics Letters
Issue/Year: Applied Physics Letters Volume 111, Issue 21
DOI: 10.1063/1.5008954